Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You can help the people in Japan

Here's my red card and I'm using a tulip stamp that has only seen ink once in about five years.   I masked it and stamped it several times across the bottom. 

Use it Tuesday is having a challenge that will directly help the people of Japan.  Please join me in making an d posting a card to their website.  Let's get the word out about this.  Please post this on your blog even if you can't personally make a card...maybe it will appeal to others and they can.  The rules are to use RED as your main focal point.   Thank you everyone for your care and participation. Cllick on the highlighted words to go to their blog. 

Please make a project using the color RED in honor of Japan. Remember to use something from your stash you have been hoarding and please tell us in your post or project description what that item (or items) is!

As an added twist...we are going to make a donation to the Red Cross based on the number of participants we have! If we get 1-25 players, we will donate $50; 26-50 players we will donate $75 and so on up to $400! So feel free to get the word out! We would love to make a great donation on behalf of our fellow crafters. :)



  1. Oh Janeen! Those tulips are amazing! And the work it took to mask all of that...so worth it!

    We are so happy you chose to play along with us at Use It Tuesday! This has been such a rewarding challenge! Thanks for your support and kind words!

  2. Such good info to post / share, Janeen. Each of us has so many opportunities to support our Japanese friends. Thank you for this one to pass on with delight. Red blossoms to you all around your very eyecatching card. Unfortunately for us in this area, tulips will not be cresting any time soon. Cold earth has little continuous sun giving energy to those patient bulbs. One day, we will have color and swaying blades of green. Won't that be a celebration!>!>!? Meantime, picking up branches, raking leaves having recently fallen in sticky snow melts because they were sealed on tree limbs during early freezes, and scattering more pea gravel where mud has ooozed through previously top graveled surfaces may busy us before those gorgeous anticipated tulips open. Keep Looking UP!


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