Monday, April 14, 2014

TUTORIAL and Stamp #190

I saw this technique in a stamping magazine back from the late nineties.  I have never seen it any other place.   Paper TOLE is described as: In a nutshell, Paper Tole is the process of taking identical prints, cutting out its component parts, shaping and sizing these 'components', then layering them on the 'base' print to give the finished piece its special 3-D effect. And, with a little experience, tolers can make projects as complex as they like.
Here is a tutorial to show you how to do a very very simple faux tole look because it really only has the one layer added to it.  The stylus is what gives you 3D look.

Stamp your image twice.  Once on your card base and once on a scrap piece for cutting out certain portions.

Color the pieces you are going to cut out.

Cut out the pieces and using a marker the same color as the images run your marker around the outside edges of the cut out pieces so there are no white spots showing.  (I forgot to take a picture of that step) 

 Using the thicker end of a  stylus and a foam cushion of some sort, (I use a mouse pad)  Turn the cut out images over and run your stylus around the OUTSIDE edges of each piece.  It will look like the small picture when you are finished.

 Using different size dimensionals for greater dimensional look; adhere to backs of your pieces.  I used SU dimensionals for the flowers and I rolled up glue dots for the leaves so they will be more recessed.

Adhere your colored pieces with the flatter dimensionals first and the pieces with the thicker dimensionals over top of them. 

Do you see how the pieces add dimension.  On this one you can see what happens if you don’t use your markers around the edges of the cut out pieces.  I went in and corrected that and added more color to the images after they were placed to give them a bit more dimensional look.  Remember it’s darkest in the areas that sit UNDER something. Or where the light would not hit so prominently.

IMG_4638 (666x800)

Finish your card.  You can see how the stylus used on the back pushes out the edges to give it a wonderful three dimensional look.  This can be done with many different types of images.  Open space images seem to work the best and are easier to use the stylus on.
Try it and have fun.  Thanks for looking.
IMAGE: Sweet N Sassy Graceful Calla Lily
SENTIMENT: Hero Arts Clear Stamps
Viva Pearl Pen in Salmon
Ranger Embossing Powder
SU ribbons


  1. I have this rubber stamp and I love to do with this beautiful have inspired me to give it a try.

  2. This card is gorgeous! I love the embossing on the dark color and the colored flower over it.


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