Saturday, October 23, 2010


This past week has been busy but mostly with trying to get my computer straightened.  It must have missed me for five days and decided to show me how much I needed her. Anyway I'm glad to have the problems solved.

WHEW! I got back on Sunday evening from Salt Lake City.  What a wonderful time we had at the nutritional convention. It was my first one with this company and it was a great experience. Such caring people.  You know how it feels when someone sincerely wants to help you?  It's built into the very fiber of this company.

If you know anyone who wants to get back the resilience and youthful feeling or move away from pain share this link with them because I do care deeply when I hear about people who's health fails them.  Everything is going along fine and then BAM something comes up seemingly out of the blue and they miss the good health they once had.  Just click here to watch a short video and know that you can give your body a HUGE boost in the right direction. The results we heard were nothing short of shocking.

Thank you to each of you who have commented and encouraged me in my lifetime to continue to research and help those who are looking for change before they are in a necessity change mode. Have a wonderful weekend. With care-Janeen

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