Monday, September 28, 2015

Stamp #521 faux sketching

I really enjoyed this direct to stamp technique using my mini distress inks. .  added some water to move the paint around and wow, it turned out pretty.  I did a second generation of stamping also because you know the distress inks just are so juicy.  These cute little roosters are simply silhouette stamps with ink added directly.  they don’t look like a silhouette, do they?

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Peerless water colors

These paper paints are so amazing.  The colors are vibrant.  I’ve really never known how to use them and it was a real treat to see them being used in class.  I have seen a couple of others out in blog land that are using them also.  Who knew I had such a treasure hiding away in my drawer.  This made the most wonderful back ground for these fun flamingos from MFT dies.  The flowers are from Blue Prints 5 MFT

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

still working on day 2 of class

I really do love abstract art.  This was right up my alley, however I had to improvise.  I do not have a city scape stamp.  ??? What to do. I’m not really so good at the whole free hand thing.  Solution:  I have a city scape die from Spellbinders.  I cut it out and trace inside the negative space and then added a few more peaks while I was painting.  I love the whole drippy messy look of this.  It’s a bit like the reflection in the water in NYC at the harbor.  Love all the brilliant colors we got to use and it was fun to make the drips happen.  IMG_8038 (1024x781)

Stamp #520 on line card class lesson

These little hibiscus stamps have been around forever, they are NBUS to me.  hanging around in their package, don’t even know the name of the company.  Likely from the dollar bin at some big box store.  I love the loose shape of them and they went perfectly wonderful with this Crazy Bird from Tim Holtz.  I have had more fun with these birds.  I wrapped a bit of raffia behind him just because and popped up some of the flowers for dimension.  This is the other half of the class on letting the paints move on their own with Versafine as the boundary.  so the flower portions were what I did for the class.   MFT sentiment.  isn’t that a cool one?   I am entering this into the SSS Monday Challenge to use a stamp


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Still playing in class

Class is over but we still have time to make cards and try the techniques we learned.  This technique was using the white embossing powder and then letting the color do it’s own thing once added to the inside blank spaces.  I should have chosen a more open stamp as I didn’t have very good luck with it or maybe it was the medium I was using as they used tube paints in class.  I don’t have any of those.  I decided to make into a soft shabby chic type of card and here is my end result.  I added a bit of distress paint to a couple of areas and on the burlap piece. I also added the distress paint around the flower as it just kind of got lost on the paper before that.   I am entering this into Mondays Challenge on SSS.  I am using a piece of DP from SU that is about 100 years old, I think.  Open-mouthed smile Disappointed smile

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Practice Practice Practice stamps 516-517-518-519

A man carrying a violin was walking down the street in NYC and stopped a man  to ask directions.  The violin carrying man asked….How do I get to Carnegie Hall?  The other man answered, Practice, Practice, Practice.

That’s one of the things we learned in class.  One must practice with different mediums, different papers, different brushes, who knew there was so much to learn.  This background was really just a lesson in practicing how our brushes worked with distress markers or inks.  It really wasn’t supposed to be made into anything, just for practice.  HOWEVER, I am first of all a frugal card maker and I couldn’t bear to throw out these perfectly beautiful blobs of sunset yellows (my favorite color)…I embossed small images with various colors of embossing powders and then used a vellum banner to tone them all down a bit and keep the card from looking too busy.  What a save!  Winking smileRed heart

Thanks Kristina for the lesson.  I am entering this into Simon’s Wednesday Challenge to not use pre-made designer paper.

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wow, did you KNOW there were so many coloring mediums?  I gave away my water color crayons. I’m not sorry I did even though one of the classes is on that.  really, how many different mediums does a person need?  I like what they said in class, that basically all of the techniques can be done with one medium, but….it is so fun to have them all.  the exception is gelatos and that’s how I got this glorious back ground, well, those, and a stencil and a secret special application.  Join us at on-line card classes.  You can still join any of the classes after they are finished, you just can’t make comment or get your name in for the drawings. 

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learning so much Stamp #515

In this class we learned how to use our InkTense pencils with Wink of Stella brush.  You can’t see it on here but it so subtly sparkly and a beautiful finish.  Other things I added from the classes we have taken.  I smudged on my background and made a marbleized background to make it look intentional.  I used a very fine line of blue and wicked it away from the image to make it pop.  This class has given me way more value than the $18  I have paid for it.   I am entering this into the Simon Says Wednesday challenge to not use designer paper.  I made my own background for this glorious poinsettia.

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drawing free hand, ME???

One of the classes is showing us how to Free Hand paint and image! Seriously!!  I thought I might just forget about watching that video as “I” could never draw anything.

NEVER in my life did i ever think i could draw/paint something in free form that would actually look like something that is real. Thanks so much for the class on free form. I chose a guinea pig per request from a friend that wants a guinea pig card for her child and I think it actually DOES look like a guinea pig. This is my first time ever that i have tried to create an image on my own. THANK YOU THANK YOU for this aspect to this class.  Will this be something I do regularly, NO.  But it was fun to know that I can make something that really does look somewhat like something real.  Open-mouthed smile   I will enter this into Simon Says ‘Challenge to not use a any back ground paper. IMG_8032 (1024x767)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stamps 512-513-514 SU no line watercoloring

Still working on class projects.  This is Kristina’s class with no line water coloring.  I tried this technique once before but I had way to much of a complicated image.  I really like how these little fellows turned out. I will need to watch the class again as I would like to do a little more shading, I think. I popped the finished image up on a sheet of fun foam for some dimension and to separate it a bit from the busy back ground.

I will send this to my Sister-in-law that is going through chemo treatments for the next six months.  I’d like to send several cards and gifts out to her over the time frame. The sticker is from the Tim Holtz small talk sticker set.  I really like all the little sayings he has in this booklet.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dawn Woleslagle marbled background

This was an interesting class using tube paints.  The one type of paint I had never even heard of.  I used some palette paints that I got at a rummage.  They are from Germany so I am thinking high quality.  I have never used them and thought this would be as close as I could come to this class.  The theme was marbled back ground and definite lines of demarcation.  It was a little difficult for me NOT to blend and soften those edges but in keeping with the spirit of learning and the class I went ahead and left it.  I do like the end result after all and feel certain images will do better with this technique.

I am entering this into Simon Says Wednesday Challenge as I did use the Simon Pierced rectangle die for my sentiment.

IMG_8025 (880x1024)

On Line with Laura Basshan with Peerless water color papers.  This was my very first set of water colors but I never really used them because I didn’t know how to.  Seriously, paper water colors?  Let’s see, I got talked into them because some serious artist had painted a beautiful flower and I thought if I owned the paints I could do the same thing.  bwwwhaaa!!  Since that time I have purchased, water color crayons, water color pencils, water color markers, distress inks, InkTense pencils, and copics.  Brushes galore, many different types of water color papers and I still have never made a painting as beautiful as hers.  I no longer try as I realize now that she truly was/is an artist and I am a learning novice.   And here is my card made with Laura’s class for a dreamy background and ombre.  I combined them both into one card.  This card is for our son that is going through a really difficult time right now.  I kitty wampused the top layer because I stamped the sentiment on crooked and it’s not so obvious with the top layer tipped and edges cut off.   I took Laura’s suggestion and embossed the sentiment in white.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Debbie Hughes class

For the second class today, we were shown how to add color direct to the stamp and then use a technique to get the water to move the color.  I thought I would be clever and use my home made pearlized smooch.  uhhhhm….alcohol does not move water color around.  I still liked the leaves and thought I would make a card with similar elements as the class sample.  I like to do that as it helps me remember the techniques better. I am entering this into Simon Says Stamp Wednesday challenge to use dies.  I have used four dies on here. (1024x755)

loving the water color class

it’s been a fun day.  except for the fact that our internet connection keeps going in and out.  it worked in my favor.  whenever it would stop in the middle of a video I would just go and practice what I had just learned.  everything had time to dry and I was ready for when the next time the internet kicked in again.  they say it will be working tomorrow.

Here’s the masked halo technique we learned.  I used rubber cement for my mask.  Since Kristina Werner taught the class I thought it was only fitting to use one of her hand written sentiment stamps on my card.  you can get these at Simon Says. I love that it looks like I did the calligraphy on the card.  Thanks Kristina.  Smile 

IMG_8022 (820x1024)

Stamp #511 SU leaf

I’m taking another online card class for water color.  Oh my.  I’ve already learned a couple of things and I only just went through today’s first video  I’ve always wanted to know how to have SOFT blended color for water color results.  I love this.  I’ve never really used embossing powder for my outlines, either and it was so helpful.  and that beautiful soft background that most water colored images seem to sit on is so easy to accomplish once you know how.  Thank you Jennifer McGuire for a well taught first class.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

all dies

I’ve never really been much of an all die cut card maker as I really like to stamp.  however I received this fabulous pair of rose dies from MFT with a $20.00 gift certificate.  They are very new to me as of last week.  I added to it some NBUS leaf dies from PPRS which is no longer in business and some NBUS washi tape to set it off with.  I will stamp something INSIDE so as to satisfy my soul that I stamped.

This will be my third and final entry into Darnell’s NBUS Challenge # 5.  Cllick on the link and hurry and join in.  It ends in two days.

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