Thursday, April 28, 2011

Speedy Cat Challenge #43

Black, White, One other color and paper piercing
This really challenged me. I like that! For some reason the elegance of the color combo just threw me. I knew I didn't want red to be my other color. I think b/c I didn't have anyone specific in mind as the recipient I couldn't come up with a plan. Then I remembered my brother has a March b-day. Aha! Then the brain kicked into gear. After I got it all assembled I realized I forgot the piercing. Take it all apart and make some holes!! I love it and it looks fabulous IRL. The ribbon really helped it come together. Thanks again Gina for this great technique. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SSIC-challenge #83

SSIC has a challenge to make a card for a child.  Here's the matching card that I have made for yesterday's post for the other twin.  Thought some of you might want to see this if you were wondering what the girl card would look like.  Thanks for stopping by.  The twins go to our meeting on Sundays and they are both pretty shy.  But over the years I have just continued to give them little things and make cards for them and now they talk to me after meeting and let me hug them and they even told their mom to send me their school picture this year.  Isn't that nice of them.  It's like God patiently giving us his love and all the good things that come from him and finally if we can be as a little child we start loving him back.  ....Thanks for the thoughts and the challenge Stamping Sisters.

Monday, April 4, 2011

OLW47 and Grab and Go # 12

SketchYep, I haven't forgotten.  I'm still doing Grab and Go and tonight I grabbed this lil' ole bear that has been a Stampin Up staple for years when they first started.  He's been hangin' around here for awhile.  I thought he would make the perfect card for the One Layer Wednesday Sketch annnnnddd I need another one similar to this for the twins birthday.  This will be for the boy and now I need a girl bear.

One Layer Wednesday is a sketch challenge this time.  Here's the sketch and here's the result.  Thanks for looking.  Remember to go out and vote tomorrow if you live in the States.