Monday, November 28, 2016

loving holiday down time

loved having the four day thanksgiving holiday time.  we went to our daughters and had a wonderfully great time there with all of us and her husbands family also.  such beautiful blending of two families.  Having Laurel here with us for the week gave me home time and stamping time.  ahhhhh!  Here’s a couple more made in the last couple of days.

I thought it would be cute to make the little flowers out of die cut buttons.  IMG_8700 (657x800)IMG_8701 (721x800)IMG_8698 (684x800)

IMG_8714 (636x800)IMG_8715 (645x800)

Sympathy #780-781-782-783

It’s been relaxing to make some Sympathy cards ahead.  i found a blog with a similar design.  I don’t remember whose it was, I’m sorry about that.  It was something I saw and just thought, I could do that.  I never went back to the blog and don’t know who to give credit to.  Anyway i CASED her idea and it turned out so beautiful that I made 8 cards “same but different”  The last four i made i was using the pieces left over from diecutting the first ones.  then i was running out of the cardstock i used and had to make a smaller panel.  I truly love them all and had such a peaceful time creating them.

IMG_8699 (800x590)IMG_8708 (664x800)IMG_8709 (757x800)IMG_8710 (687x800)IMG_8711 (683x800)IMG_8712 (697x800)IMG_8713 (662x800)IMG_8707 (686x800)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

making a stash #278-279

It seems i never get ahead with making Sympathy cards.  There is a lot of sorrow in this old world.  A card is the least I can do for so many friends and even acquaintances, you know, those friendships that havent really had time to be formed yet either because of distance or just FB friends. 

I made several but they all have homes to go to and i need to get that stash built up.  I sell as many sympathy cards as i do birthday cards.  Here’s the first one.  if i were to do this again i would put the narrowist black border under the top layer.  I embossed those solid leaves and there is a translucency to them that i wasn’t expecting.  i like that. Leaves and sentiments are from Sweet N Sassy stamps.

IMG_8693 (665x800)

For the next one, i saw this technique pop up in my e-mail from Splitcoast Stampers.  One of their Wednesday tutorials.  I love the curved tri-fold opening.  Judy Palmer this is about as creative as i want to be with my folds.  LOL  I made a belly band for it.  It was easy to staple the ribbon together and then  die cut two of the scalloped ovals and  spray adhesive to attach them with the ribbon in between.  I am in love with this look.  My Sister-in-law lost her sister this past week and this will go to her. SU image stamped in the corners.  I bought that set at a rummage for $1.50 and it is so pretty. 

IMG_8696 (718x800)IMG_8697

We had the sorrow of losing a great friend in another state at only 52 years of age.  This card was made for his family. I have never used DP on cards like this.  Usually only making the scene over the entire card but i had those two scraps sitting there and i like the added elegance and masculinity they add to this card.  Sponged with distress inks and stamped with chocolate chip ink from SU.  Images are Mark’s Finest Papers and the geese are StampScapes

IMG_8689 (719x800)

I had some scraps left from the curved card and wanted to use that pretty curve in another way and this is what came forth from that experiment.  This one has a home too, unfortunately.  A new stamping friend i met at a stamp camp a couple of years ago and just kept in touch with her by FB lost her husband.  Now this was a blessing as the poor man had Alzheimers but love still hurts when our long life partners leave us.


We had our first snow #726 & 727

IMG_8688 (800x669)IMG_8690 (711x800)

We have a young friend that is a really really good skater.  Haven’t seen her since last year around this time but she was the friend of our children when they were home.  One of those second daughters kind of girl.  She used to just drop in when ever with her back pack and her duffle back and stay one-three days.  Called me mom.  I took the sentiment from some Ranger Stamps i think, and changed the word “skip” to ice skate with a white gel pen.  That little piece of ice this cute mouse is skating on is some old old old plastic stuff that gives dimension when you look through it.  I have no idea what it was called and i never see it in stamp stores anymore. I still have almost a full sheet of it.  I used to cut ice cubes out of it for one of my house mouse stamps.  The colored portion is done with a bit of brusho powder.  Wow, that stuff is INTENSE.  both cards have Brusho on them. 

The little birds have cotton ball pom’s on their hats.  Aren’t they adorable?  Unity stamps has that cute stamp.  

Monday, November 7, 2016

Simon Says Stamp November Card Kit 2016

I’ve seen several of those 10 cards one kits videos and i always enjoy watching them.  I like to see how others take all the same “ingredients” and make something completly unique.  I watched 2 videos on this kit and wondered if i would be able to come up with ten cards of my own creations.  I did pretty well however i liked the folded over paper card that Vicky Papaiannou posted and I did CASE that one. 

I truly appreciate these stampers that have the patience to record and edit all these videos.  it is no simple task.  I thought to give an overview of how each card came about here on my blog and that thought overwhelms me.  You get the cards, no explanations, no directions, just my creative results.  Thanks for stopping by.   I really did enjoy this challenge to myself.

By the way, there are still quite a bit of pieces to create more form this kit.  In order to stretch my supplies i don’t use a folded 4.25 by 11 piece of card stock to make a card.  I almost always cut my colored card stock into four pieces and adhere a 4.25 by 5.50 onto my cream or white card base. 

Here is what is still left of the kit.  I don’t know how many kits i will actually purchase but it will be fun to get a whole box of new stuff for $25.00 coming every couple of months I think.  It will keep me out of Michaels where i always spend WAAAAY more than that and stuff still doesn’t match.  Smile 

IMG_8685 (800x600)


IMG_8674 (800x623)IMG_8675 (800x600)IMG_8677 (800x600)IMG_8678 (800x609)IMG_8679 (788x800)IMG_8680 (759x800)IMG_8676 (800x653)IMG_8681 (800x656) (800x656)IMG_8682 (711x800)IMG_8683 (738x800)IMG_8684 (743x800)

Friday, November 4, 2016

bah humbug #718-719-720-721-722-723-724

i didn’t make many halloween cards this year, i didn’t turn the porch light on, i didn’t look at any little kids and say awwww….i really just simply did not care about this fantasy holiday at all.  sometimes life just overwhelms me and i have no energy for the external stimuli.   I did however enjoy the process of making these two halloween creations for my adopted grands that are 5 and 8 years old.  I copped out of the candy and put money in the card instead.  it can help pay for the dental work they’ll need after eating piles of candy.

alrightee then, this is a real downer of a post.   just wanted to get these cards recorded.  Happy whatever holiday is next to for you!!  i hope to make some happy cards today and improve my mood.improve my mood. IMG_8667 (663x800)IMG_8668 (661x800)