Monday, November 7, 2016

Simon Says Stamp November Card Kit 2016

I’ve seen several of those 10 cards one kits videos and i always enjoy watching them.  I like to see how others take all the same “ingredients” and make something completly unique.  I watched 2 videos on this kit and wondered if i would be able to come up with ten cards of my own creations.  I did pretty well however i liked the folded over paper card that Vicky Papaiannou posted and I did CASE that one. 

I truly appreciate these stampers that have the patience to record and edit all these videos.  it is no simple task.  I thought to give an overview of how each card came about here on my blog and that thought overwhelms me.  You get the cards, no explanations, no directions, just my creative results.  Thanks for stopping by.   I really did enjoy this challenge to myself.

By the way, there are still quite a bit of pieces to create more form this kit.  In order to stretch my supplies i don’t use a folded 4.25 by 11 piece of card stock to make a card.  I almost always cut my colored card stock into four pieces and adhere a 4.25 by 5.50 onto my cream or white card base. 

Here is what is still left of the kit.  I don’t know how many kits i will actually purchase but it will be fun to get a whole box of new stuff for $25.00 coming every couple of months I think.  It will keep me out of Michaels where i always spend WAAAAY more than that and stuff still doesn’t match.  Smile 

IMG_8685 (800x600)


IMG_8674 (800x623)IMG_8675 (800x600)IMG_8677 (800x600)IMG_8678 (800x609)IMG_8679 (788x800)IMG_8680 (759x800)IMG_8676 (800x653)IMG_8681 (800x656) (800x656)IMG_8682 (711x800)IMG_8683 (738x800)IMG_8684 (743x800)


  1. Lots of great cards! You know I'm a kit addict. I do love how you can get way more than expected out of each kit. I don't like how I can never seem to finish off that last little bit so then the kit hangs around forever.

  2. You should be SO proud of these ten cards, Janeen! What amazing creations! And look at all that schtuff left over! I will have to do one of these kits some day ... just as soon as I use up what I've accumulated so far!! Hugs, Darnell

  3. Oh, my goodness how fun this is!!! You really have a point about getting a kit with instant coordination. No endless searching for matchy matchy like I do most of the time! I love all the ways you used this kit! I really love the folded down paper, 1st card on the second row! I have been wanting to create some cards with that design! They are all wonderful! Hugs!