Thursday, November 12, 2015

Playing Catch Up

Sometimes a gal just has to do what she’s gotta do.  I have gotten so far behind posting pics and I just don’t feel like scheduling them.  WARNING::: here’s a post with lots of cards and very little detail.  Open-mouthed smile    I have been having fun at the stamp table.

IMG_8215 (715x800) - CopyIMG_8225 (800x585)IMG_8226 (615x800)IMG_8227 (800x587)IMG_8231IMG_8240 (685x800)IMG_8241 (800x672)IMG_8242 (800x600)IMG_8245 (800x581)IMG_8246 (630x800)IMG_8197 (773x800)

having fun at a vendor show

last weekend a couple of friends, Debi and Christy and I went to their first ever round robin make and take and a vendor show the next day.  We had so much fun and Debi won a great door prize and I was very happy for her. Here are all the cards we made during both days and of course I spent a pile of dough on new toys.  It’s never done, is it.  we always want some new sparkly bauble.  These are not my own designs but the creations we made at the work shops.  I am posting them so I can remember what we did and how much fun we had.   Now THAT’s a pile of cards.


IMG_8216 (621x800)IMG_8218 (800x589)IMG_8219 (569x800)IMG_8222 (800x587)IMG_8223 (565x800)IMG_8224 (800x600)IMG_8228IMG_8229IMG_8230IMG_8232IMG_8233IMG_8235 (727x800)IMG_8236 (800x600)IMG_8237 (800x600)