Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A good day to digi-scrap: it’s cold and gray

GIL AND JANEEN 2012 4-12 - Page 012

GIL AND JANEEN 2012 4-12 - Page 013

I want to keep on these 12 on 12 pages.  I will have to do some catch up somewhere in here and get Jan and Feb posted.  I will just take 12 photos from those months and put them in a collage to get the book up to date.  From this point on I want to do the 12 photos on the 12th and scrap them shortly after taking them.  Creative Memories software makes that easy to do.  Here are my pages from last week.  I was at Sarah’s on the 11th in the evening giving a presentation on BiosLife Slim at the 9th Street Wellness location with Dr. Erin Denil and Sarah and their invited guests.  I always like the opportunity to spend the night with Sarah. I actually took 34 pictures on the 12th and some of them I will scrap into my regular book.  I did get a picture of some geese but not the one that was flying alongside my car as I got onto Hwy 41.  That was great!  I laughed with glee.   I also missed a gorgeous shot of a large eagle sitting on the very top of a dead tree by Shawano.  He was so striking against a very blue sky.  I would have loved that shot.


  1. Very nice! I need to get mine done for the month too. A little behind with projects!!

  2. I just want to say.....Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you....Happy birthday dear Janeen....Happy Birthday to you!!!!