Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sometimes you just have to be creative

IMG_3164 (600x800)IMG_3166 (600x800)IMG_3167Sometimes ideas progress.  Like this one.  I wanted the gingerbread jar on the inside of the card.  I cut the circle hole in the front and then penciled around it onto the inside giving me a guide to place the stamped image.  Then the fun part, I colored it in with copics.  When I looked at the result it looked kind of boring and I decided to add the beautifully embossed designer paper but now I have to make the circle hole match up perfectly to the one already on the card base.  It’s more challenging than you think.  Well I got it close but not perfect…hmmmm…okay, I will color around the white portion with a brown marker.  Yep, that works and gives some depth too.  Cool, I like that look now.  But it needs a bit of color.  Rummage, rummage, yep, here’s some ribbons that will work well.  But then that stinkin’ bow would NOT adhere to the ribbon below it.  I finally used crystal effects, put a book on it and let it sit all night.  It sticks NOW!  Then, looking at my card inside, I see a black smudge of ink up top.  I tried to white it out but that looked kind of crummy.  Plan B.  Punch some small circle dies and cut them in half, make a scalloped border up top.  Hey, I like that look.  Cute, eh?   Then I turned my card over and, oh no, all the coloring from the gingerbread men have bled through.  Rats….what is Plan B now?  Cover it up with a scrap of that same designer paper and now it looks like I just covered something up.  Aha..a strip of coordinating scrap, cut with the same die, makes it match the frosting look on the gingerbread men.  Voila’ –a masterpiece.  We never know what we are going to end up with. 

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  1. Awesome!!!! I am so glad you never gave up because in the end you have a MASTERPIECE!!! I love where all the mishaps took you! Sweet sweet card!!!