Sunday, November 5, 2017

a boatload of cards

it’s not necessary to feel sorry for me that i haven’t had much stamping time.  I had a fabulous trip to Trinidad and Tobago.  A welcome retreat before our winter weather started.  It has been gloomy since I returned.  THAT is the reason I like to leave.

My responsiblites with my niece who is paralyzed as a result of a drunk driver has also stepped up again as we move forward with more therapy and other methods to help her regain momentum. 

Therefore, I squeeze in stamping time and now I will upload a boatload of cards all at the same time.  Little explanation.  Just a place for me to keep all my creations in one place.  Thanks for stopping by, if you have, and your comments are always welcome if you care to leave them.

IMG_9180IMG_9181 (640x800)IMG_9183IMG_9184 (800x646)IMG_9186IMG_9187IMG_9188 (668x800)IMG_9127IMG_9129IMG_9189 (601x800)IMG_9190 (643x800)IMG_9191 (641x800)IMG_9192 (726x800) (2)IMG_9193 (731x800)IMG_9195


  1. Whoa!That is a boatload of cards. Great variety too. I like how you are all over the place, trying different things. It is good to squeeze in the creativity when you can.

  2. I love seeing them all on one page! I enjoyed viewing them and commenting on them on FB. I think you are absolutely amazing!!!


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