Tuesday, June 14, 2011

more on A few of my favorite things

cloud stencil

This has been sitting waiting on my computer for over a month.  I wanted to post it shortly after my other favorite things post but….I realized I had made the tutorial with stamps that I had to wait to be released from MFP before I could show them.   This cloud stencil came from a rummage sale and I think it was Stampin’ Up. I use this thing ALL the time.  It does make the most gorgeous skies.

Here is the image just stamped, then I


use the Encore Metallic lightly with a sponge. you are looking at the first lay down of the ink.  It looks like the image is on top of the cloud but it’s not.  The cloud stencil is on top of the image, just sponge softly.  I just barely tap my sponge onto this ink pad, it picks up quite a bit of ink right away.


So here is the first layer done.


Place the stencil over the image again and lightly sponge with the remaining ink on the sponge to get a soft looking sky, turning the stencil at a different angle each time you sponge. That’s it, and it is a great effect.  You will notice I use this a lot on many of my cards. 


Just a simple piece of plastic but it really adds a nice touch.  You an just cut some extra heavy cardstock with cloud shapes  and use that.  That’s what I did before I found this stencil. That works well too. This just holds up better over the long haul.  Here’s the finished project.

June =58

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  1. Very nice Janeen! I've been wanting to try some clouds and meant to put them on a recent scrapbook page layout and forgot!!