Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Whatcha doin' this weekend?

When I was at the store, I overheard the cutest conversation and it just gave me the giggles inside. Young girl to young boy, clerk, prbly 17-18 yrs. Her: What are you doing Friday night? Him: Going to the fair, I'm going to watch my girlfriend show her pigs.

I don't know why but this tickled my funny bone. We live rural but I just thought it was sweet that he was going to do that. It was so clean cut. Not, uh, i dunno, go hang out and have a beer party with my friends. "OINK"


  1. Excellent! I love it. :) At our 4-H meeting on Tues night all the kids brought a project or pictures of a project they are showing at the fair this month. The little kids were adorable telling about their projects. Then this big guy, not a kid at all, all dirty from the farm, needing a haircut & shave, etc. Showed us his pic of a pig & said he's showing pigs at the fair and then he ran out. Stood on the hood of his old car while he chatted on his phone before leaving. I'm sure he was only there to get his fair entry tags. I was impressed that he even participated. Made me laugh too!

  2. That is sweet. There are lots of good kids!