Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Making it work

My good friend Angie just told me she used a card I had sent her as inspiration for one she needed to make for a blog hop.  The wonderful  thing with stamping is what we are inspired with and what comes out our hands is two entirely different “animals”.  That prompted me to show you this video from Paper Trey inks that inspired me to make a card.  Now I have NO supplies whatsoever from Paper Trey Inks….so how to create something similar.   Here’s the video I watched.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O55tjid8bo8

This is my list:

Instead of an impression plate I used a cuttlebug folder

Instead of a stamp made for a die cut, I made my dies from spellbinders and stamped lightly on the raised part. 

Instead of twine I used raffia

Instead of putting all my embellishments where she did I rearranged

Instead of making a top folded card, I made a side fold (reason for placing the embellys in a different location) Smile 

Instead of the colors she chose, I chose, guy kind of colors.

Instead of THANKS I chose Congrats to get a head start on the graduating seniors that always surprise me in my mailbox with an announcement

Instead of a felt butterfly I doubled stamped one and cut it out of opposite colors.  Green on white for the bottom layer and white on green for the top.

Voila`  We have a starting point from the video idea but we make it our own.  Happy Stamping.  Thanks for stopping by.




Taken from an angle so you can see the butterfly underneath.  I did use some raffia for his antennae.  Thought that was a really cute idea.  Winking smile


  1. Hey Janeen! This is awesome!! Great job creating by using what you have in your arsenal!

  2. I think I just lost all that I wrote before! If it shows up again you can just delete one!!! :)

    As I was saying..... I watched the video first and then came back to look at your card and read how you changed hers up! Love how you changed things up! So fun to gather inspiration but still make the projects truly our own! Love your double winged butterfly and the raffia antennae! Love how you stamped your Spellbinders die! Gorgeous card!!! A wonderful card to have one hand!!!

  3. Stunning Janeen! Your cards are beautiful!