Friday, October 14, 2011

Awwwwww! Baby Birds

Baby Cardinal

We are still being blessed with baby birds.  We have a baby red bellied wood pecker coming to the feeder.  Yesterday Gilbert was talking to a baby red breasted nut hatch.  The little thing was all fluffed up and so cute and friendly. 

Here is Gilbert’s story about the baby cardinal he found under the feeder today.

10-14-11-written by Gilbert


Baby Cardinal and I met this noon by the bird feeder.  He was picking up seeds that had fallen out of the feeder.  I chased him to catch him and then realized he was a baby that couldn't fly but about ready to.
I reached down to pick him up thinking he had the gentle nature of a Chickadee...WOW, sure got fooled as he latched on to my little finger with his bill, his red feathers on his head stood straight up and my pain was if a got bit by a large parrot... and he hung on !
Thank goodness he let go when I tipped him upside down holding his legs. not pick Red Birds up with a bare hand.   He almost drew blood.
Got a glove and took him in the house and found out he can peep quite loudly.  He would bite my glove and hang on.  No wonder they can crack safflowers so easily.  Got some pictures and let him go.
Mom and dad Cardinals came in shortly after.
Thanks Sarah for getting us into birds a few years back...We have enjoyed all of them so much and learn lessons from them as well...Ouch !


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  1. What a great baby bird story!!! We love watching our birds at the feeder! TFS

  2. What a darling baby! My mom & dad like to feed and watch them too. :)