Sunday, October 7, 2012


Scrapbooking with cyber friends
It was a fun day yesterday.  Creative Memories held their annual Croptoberfest.  It was a first for me.  They post challenges on their main office facebook page and then people from all over the world interpret the challenges into a page either with traditional scrapbooking or digital pages.  I chose digital.  I saw on Thursday that they were going to do this but Gilbert and I had some plans for Friday evening.  I had it in my mind I would play along with them on Saturday and get some serious pages done.  One nice thing about digi scrapping is you don’t have to wait for pics to be printed and you don’t have to cut them or mat them, that’s all part of the CM program.  So it goes more quickly.
Errrk! Wrench in the gears.  I figured I better “earn” my scrapping time since I had been fishing a lot this week and I wanted to get my fall clothes into the closet and get rid of the bins sitting waiting for summer clothes.  Then we decided to run up to Wausau and do some shopping.  Hmmm….maybe I won’t scrap at all.  We got home about 5:30 so I jumped on line and started choosing the challenges and I was excited to complete six full pages.  Here they are.  What fun and I used a lot of the things I learned from Pixels2Pages.  Grouping embellys, layering text boxes, changing the colors of papers, easy insert of mats, cutting words apart.  I’m learning a lot from that subscription.  Looking forward to more.  Storybook Creator 4 is such an amazing tool and software and I’d like to learn to use the more advanced techniques to really let it be the work horse it was intended for. And here’s the pages.  I did a bit of refining on them but mostly got them done and posted (for chance to win prizes) by 9:30.
new bed
summer favesleons
big fish


  1. Wonderful pages Janeen!! OOO, Leon's!! We got our first taste this summer in Milwaukee...when we did our frozen custard tour. Leon's made first place of the five places we went to! It was Butter Pecan that day. mmmm.

  2. Wow, you've gotten a lot done! Good for you! What nice kids you have! :)