Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hey Mister!

Got most of the scraps used up.  Thumbs up  Made this card for a southern friend that hardly ever sees snow.  After putting on the circle die cuts and snowflakes (cut from Styrofoam) it looked like it needed a bit more.  I had this Mist from Oscar’s Door County Rubber Stamps and thought I would give it a try (with trepidation) since the entire card was already made.  I like that it added a bit of texture to the focal point.  (you have to hold the card quite far from the spray bottle, so it doesn’t blob, and over a waste basket) I photographed the card as it is.  I still felt something was missing, before sending it out I put a beautiful blue seam ribbon bow across the top with the bow on the left hand side.  It looked much more finished and I have most of the scraps used up now.  Need to get in there and make a few coffee cup cards and then they will be done!! DSC03260

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