Saturday, February 2, 2013

VSN leftovers

Well it wasn’t all from Virtual Stamp Night over at Split Coast Stampers but I did, once again, clean up the craft room.  I have been a busy bee this month making cards.  January is always my biggest month to get cards out.  So lots of scraps and while I tried to incorporate as I went along it doesn’t always work.  After cleaning up and putting scraps away, etc.  this is what was left that I want to use up, fifteen pieces of things and yes I did find the rest of those calendar minis, and that means they need to be made into a card because they are toooo cute and I cannot throw them away.  On my very first card which was the last one for VSN, I used up seven of the fifteen pieces.  Who da thunk???  So here are the pieces and here is the first card made from the little bits of scraps.   Now let’s get back in there and see if I can them all used up.  Crossing fingers. Fingers crossed


DSC03256 (800x600)

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  1. What a fun project Janeen! Great way to use your scraps! Love the bird!