Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thinking of You

 Who can ever have enough of these types of cards on hand.  Some friends from SCS decided we would all like to visit each others blogs at least once a month and also encourage us to get in there a craft a bit along with the daily chores.  We have a little Theme of the month thing going on for inspiration.  Rebekah started us out with Thinking of you Cards. 
I actually made quite a few this month.  But then this month has been a busy month for cards for sure.  Some of them I have already posted but here’s a couple more.  The craft one is self explanatory with the easy to use Washi tapes and pre made flowers. 
 The lily one, well, I was at Edith’s and saw her stamp like this one, which we both own, and I remembered a technique from way back when.  You stamp with versa mark on Vellum (remember that stuff?) then emboss with white EP.  Heat set it and then turn it over and color on the BACK of the image.  Then proceed with making your card.  I made one for her like this then came home and made one for me.  She didn’t have any green ribbon and I will take a piece along with me Sunday for her and she can complete her card.  I didn’t have any Green Pearl Pen and she loaned me hers.  I’m off to make another while I still have that Kiwi green Pearl Pen in my possession. In love  Well, my other one is completely different.  I cut the vellum the wrong size and then had to change my plan of attack.  Same stamp, different card. DSC03164 Just goes to show the versatility of stamping, right?


  1. OH my word girl, these are stunning!

  2. Love the Washi and that pretty bold flower on your first card.

    On the other two, oh my word!!!! These are GORGEOUS! What is a pearl pen??? Did you use pearl pens for the pink as well? Just wondering what you colored with. I think these cards are just stunning! I love what you did with the 2nd Lilly card! I would never have known the design was because the Vellum was too short. Looks like you meant the design to be this way! BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Oh my, these are beautiful Love the layered flowers and washi. And that lily! I remember those big stamps...and that technique! Just gorgeous, TFS!! It's been a good card sending out month here too!

  4. Washi cards are always fun! Love the lily cards. Just beautiful!

  5. Janeen, these are beautiful!!! Your lily cards remind me that I have some vellum... somewhere!!!!

  6. What lovely thinking of yous!! The vellum cards are just stunning!