Monday, January 21, 2013

Lots of cards

This year I decided to keep track of the cards I make and mail out.  A friend of mine does this and then at the end of the year she reflects on her hobby.  I was surprised already when I look back at January.  As of this moment I have made 25 cards and mailed out 20, with tomorrow’s mail.  That’s pretty amazing.  I always think I don’t get enough stamping in but in reality, I guess I DO.  Here is one I made for our elderly friends who haven’t gotten out to meeting for six weeks.  They had pneumonia and it really knocked the stuffing out of them.  The cold really makes them cough and I think they are really looking to warmer weather and feeling better.  Now this green striped piece is the last of the scraps I had on my desk.  I pleated it to kind of give it an awning feel like sitting at an outdoor restaurant at the lake and looking out at the regatta! DSC03125 I used a roller, another thing I have in my stash that rarely gets remembered.  It was simple.  I rolled it with clear embossing ink and embossed with a moss green powder.  the little tag is spell binders of course. I used two separate strips here and pieced them together (more scrap stash) Open-mouthed smile

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  1. Very cool effect! Love it! I'd love to be spending some time at the lake about now...