Saturday, January 12, 2013

Feelin’ for friends of furries

Already this year three of my friends are saying good-bye to their pets.  It’s hard when those furries have become so much a part of the family and they up and die.  Melissa has lost her longtime friend, Mama Cat, she was such a good mouser and would bring Melissa three mice at a time. 

Filene is a doggie that Sarah has taken many pictures of with the two little kiddos that she photographs regularly.  Filene was the prettiest, gentle boxer dog and she had a heart attack and is no more.

Angie is going to have to put her Tiger guy cat to sleep, he’s just old and suffering.  She has loved and cared for him and the other cats are taking advantage of him now that he is weaker.

I made a simple card for Kerry and the kiddos, Jonathon calls Sarah,  Auntie,  and he has called me”auntie-gramma”  I hope I conveyed the sad feeling I feel for them in the loss of their beloved furry friend.  sorrybear

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