Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter IS….

A great time to organize things.  After all the rush and hustle and hurry and just throwing things into a space, it feels good to purge, de-clutter and toss.  Thought I would make a scrapbook page to reflect some of the “behind closed doors” changes.  You know, once it’s done, even with the doors closed it just feels more organized. What have you been de-cluttering?


It was fun to use digi Washi tape on this page. You can make it as transparent as you like.  Have you tried Washi tape yet?  Sooooo much fun.


  1. Fun, wish I had some of your energy! I know mine will return, but.... :)

  2. Love your digi washi!!!! Fabulous page! Love your pretty yellow! You have been very inspiring with your decluttering! We are decluttering the attic!!! It's spreading to other areas.....I tossed 3 games and sent a few pieces of things to the thrift from daughter's closet last night!