Tuesday, March 26, 2013

i love to digi scrap


It’s so much fun to digi scrap.  So many things to do without all the mess.  It’s fun playing with the different settings in Creative Memories Storybook.  I gave texture to the pine needles and made the snow for the interstate sign.  I liked the template from CM but not the papers so I changed them out with the click of the mouse and there we have it.  Two pages finished in short order.  Satisfaction without all the pain.  The background papers and pine needles were freebies but I don’t remember where I got them.  Sad smile  whoever you are, thank you for your freebie.


  1. Very nice! Do you have Instagram on our iPad??? It's so fun for snapping little shots of daily life...I've been meaning to mention it to you b/c I think you would love it. Stacy and I both enjoy it for that!

  2. Hi, love seeing your posts come up, inspires me to get back scrapping! That's why I like it too, no mess! And I can change my mind and the complete design in a short time. Yes on the Instagram! Love it! ;)