Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sometimes we need a lot of cards

Jane Magsam has passed.  She was Dorina’s mom.  Dorina has two boys who have lost a beautiful grandmother.   Those young boys have learned a few lessons these last few weeks.  Dorina’s boys were here this past summer with the other grandpa and grandma and I am feeling their loss.  Jane is also the sister-in-law of Sylvia and Bill.  Dear friends to all in Wittenberg and beyond. 
Gene Brotzman died.  His granddaughter, Kandace and our Sarah are very close friends.  They stood up in each other’s weddings. We have gone to fellowship meetings on the first Sunday of they month for four years now, with Dan and Ruby.  Kandace’s mom and dad.  Gene is also the best friend of Bill and Sylvia.  Those dear people have had a lot of loss in their life in the past year.  Sylvia’s mom died, last June.  Then her brother, this past December, now her sister-in-law and best friend all in a week.
A card is small but it says so much.  Sometimes, it is the only thing a person can do.  Here is my simple offering for many. IMG_2991
IMG_3001 IMG_2295IMG_2294Today I will finish disposing of my plants in the pots outside and think about the process of life and living and dying. In spite of all the deaths, my heart is feeling very peaceful. 


  1. Janeen, your sympathy cards are lovely! There is so much beauty and heart in each one. I hope your day has continued to be peaceful!

  2. Janeen, I'm so sorry for all the recent loss. These cards are beautiful. Your friends will feel very loved.