Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why I'm doing Grab and Go

Someone said, "you must have a lot of stamps".  Well....here is a portion of them.  I forgot to take the ones that were sitting on top of the bed and the seasonal ones that were sitting under my table and these don't include any of the alphabet stamps or the sentiments which each take up a box of their own.  These containers are stacked seven layers deep. IN the second box there are fourteen plastic storage boxes about 1.5 inches deep.  Each box holds six to eight individual 3 in. stamps.  I have them grouped in some semblance of order. Flowers, fun, animals, nature, hearts, winter, large background stamps.

 I went through and took out all the sentiments from my Stamping Up sets.  I  grouped them all in their own boxes like Get Well, Thank You, Wedding, Baby, Birthday, Sympathy.  I find I get much more use out of them since I did that.

Now when I say Grab and Go you will get more of an idea of WHY I decided to do that.  I just stick my hand in a container and pull out a box and then pull a stamp out of that.  Sometimes I do it blindly and sometimes I just take the top pack.  Today's cards were all made with the Grab and Go agenda.  I did however have a couple of challenges I wanted to meet and I just made the stamps I picked up fit into the challenges.  I will be posting them each separately as each one needs it's own URL tag.

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