Friday, August 5, 2011

Stamping for fun

GKD challenges

no color

Stamping just for fun is relaxing.  I always love the chance to win a free set of stamps.  StampTV always has some fun challenges up so I jumped on over there to see what would fire up my mojo.  I did have fun putting break the rulesboth of these together.  They were relatively simple.  I already had the bear colored and cut out.  I tried something new with using gum arabic mixed with water in an aqua painter.  You mix equal parts and then use water color pencils.  It gives a glistening effect to the color.  I would definitely use that again.  It works best on water color paper as it helps to move the color around smoothly, keeps the color more liquid as you work with it.  I got the gum arabic at a rummage sale but I think you can get it at a baking store more reasonable than at a stamping store. Smile Thanks for visiting.  I appreciate all your comments and always take the time to read them.


  1. What fabulous cards..The first one is just so elegant and the second one is adorable.

  2. I was gonna say, 'where do you get gum arabic', but then you told us! And I'm amazed to know that you can get it at a baking store! I thought it was an artists-only kind of thing. ANyway, so glad you had time to stamp just for fun! That's the best. I loooooove that white card with butterfly. I am thinking of a wedding when I look at that. And the teddy bear one is so cute and bright and makes me smile.

  3. Janeen love the shape of your card and how you did the fabulous ribbon accent at the bottom. This is just wonderful.

    Bear Hug,

  4. Hi Janeen! I especially like your butterfly card.

  5. Sweet cards Janeen! Love the gate fold with the cute bear. Great use of the gum arabic. I've never used it before.