Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bee Happy #704

Simon’s Monday Challenge is to use a stamp and no digi’s allowed.  Also they are featuring their own stamps this week.  I have a couple of their exculisve sets.  I love this set that has such a cute bee in it.  Otherwise i’m not much into bees.  I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of that dotted line trail though.

Using Simon’s stamp set called Circle Friends I’ll just go ahead and enter that challenge. MFT blue prints 15 and one of the MFT sketches.  now just so you know, IRL all these colors blend nicely.  Did you ever notice how most things that are green don’t photograph well?  ah well….

IMG_8608 (626x800)

1 comment:

  1. I don't know about green, but I know cameras so often don't capture the real colors things are. Whatever color this card is I think it all looks great together. I like all your detail and yes, the wee bee too. Stamped bees are the best bees. I stepped on a bumblebee one and hopped around on one foot while the bee was stuck in my other foot. MY friend was screaming and I had to pull the bee out of my foot. Of course the stinger stayed behind. My friend said that I had to go tell my mom so we did. "Mom, I stepped on a bee!" Mom, "No you did not, get out of here." My friend was big eyed horrified. I went to the school nurse the next day and she took the stinger out. The principal came in to see what was going on. Once he saw it was me, he just shrugged. They were used to my mom by then. Nowadays, authorities would be called I'm sure.