Saturday, September 10, 2016

Stencil fun

IMG_8589 (698x800)

This was such a simple card to make.  I used a Dream Weaver metal stencil and ran it through my big shot with 110 lb. card stock.  I took spong daubers and leaving the die in place i daubed ink into the various areas.  added a bit of gray to the trees and that was it.  I used a marker to put a green border around the white to set it off against the orange.  It was the perfect sympathy card for the family of a woodsman that recently passed. 



IMG_8590 (671x800)

This next one is the same technique.  I think I will get more use out of my metal dies this way.  I do want to get some embossing paste out though and play with the drawer full of metal stencils that i have.  Be on the look out for those.


IMG_8591 (729x800)

Really??? I made a winter card?? in the early fall??  I don’t know what this tri-fold die wouldn’t get out of my mind so i went ahead and pulled it out and laid that thought to rest.  I used pre-embossed card stock and the patterened paper i used was actually flowers but cleverly cut to look like snowflake beams.  proud of myself for using three pattern papers again. 

Thanks for stopping by again and i do enjoy all your encouraging comments.  mwhuaaaa!!  Red heart

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  1. Love the stencil cards. I tried running my brass stencils through the Cuttlebug with no luck, so I sold them all. I can't say I miss them however these are stunning cards that make me have a wee bit of regret.