Monday, October 31, 2016

How much fun can you have with ONE kit? Stamps used up to 725

oh my word.  i have had the Simple Thiings kit from Gina Kay Designs for two years already.  I have made a couple of cards from it in the past two years and thought this was the perfect time to see how many cards i could make from it.  Well, there are a LOT more cards in that kit.  I love Gina’s kits.  You get SO much.  This one is now kind of extended even though i haven’t even come close to using up all the 6x6 paper pack that came in the kit.  I wond two little mini kits from GKD over the years and they both had fall themed 6x6 papers in them and i have incorporated some of them into this kit.

IMG_8650 (800x612)IMG_8651 (800x660)IMG_8652 (701x800)IMG_8657Janeen K KreationsIMG_8659 (800x595)IMG_8662 (736x800)IMG_8663 (666x800)

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  1. WOW! So many lovely cards. Great job making a big stash of fall cards and ever greater job to be working away at a kit!