Saturday, December 4, 2010


It felt SO good to stamp today.  It has been thirty days of having someone in our home or being away from home or having somewhere to go every single day and it was wonderful to have a day that I didn't have to go anywhere or talk to anyone besides dear Gilbert.  Sometimes a person just needs peace and quiet.  I was going to post a picture of my baked apples but they got eaten already.  I will post a picture of the card I made for our wonderful daughter and hubby who moved into a new home in June and I am finally getting this card made for them.  Her m-i-l had given me the article and directions out of  Womans Day magazine Aug/Sept. 2009 issue and then I mis-placed it and I really did want to give it a try.  So here it is...isn't it a cute idea?

It was such a nice surprise to answer the door yesterday and find her and her friend on the porch.  They were making a quick run up to friends cabin and stopped for coffee and a quick hello.  I loaded them up with some of that good bean soup I made the day before and Sarah grabbed some cleaned veggies out of the fridge so they would have lunch up there.  Love surprises like that.


  1. This is so cute Janeen. And that bean soup sounds delicious.

  2. have been BUSY!!! A good feeling to be back creating again, eh??? With the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas....that too can become overwhelming!!! Sounds like you have been busy with visitors and going places!! I have just finished the house is all done! YEA!!! Have the tree up, decos up, addressed and mailed out the cards the rest of the month can be shopping, wrapping, and getting the projects done!!! Haven't had much chance to do any extra challenges---just trying to get done what needs to be done!! I have some gift cards I want to work on today...and do have some coasters I'd like to get made....and then there is a calendar that needs to be done...and then there...OH the list goes on and on!!! SO...time to get busy!!! I noticed some cute things on Stamp TV too!!! And you are right...Luckily NO major storms here...we have snow on the ground and it is really quite lovely and there are flurries coming from the heavens right now..BUT nothing major!!!!! This week am off to my sister's for the shop till you drop time in Green Bay!!! At least now that we are both retired, we can enjoy doing it during the week and NOT on the weekend!!! Happy creating!