Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winters Wonderland

Ahh the beauty of winter days.  We went to Wausau last night and on the way saw the frost appearing before our eyes on the trees.  We knew this morning would be beautiful.  I went to the mailbox and looked back at the house and saw the frosted trees.  When I came in I said to Gilbert, we missed the beautiful scenery this morning. He said, Quick, lets go for a drive.  We grabbed a couple of coffees at McDonalds and set off.  This was taken going down by the Homme Home pond.  It was an absolutely gorgeous morning with the sun shining through and the sparkley diamond frost everywhere.  Then we went to the local "Coffee Cup" for breakfast.  Gilbert is taking vacation days this week and we are having a great time relaxing, shopping and eating out.  We had the most fabulous Thai soup in WAUSAU-gasp- we were so pleasantly surprised. Annnnd we found a new place that is very upscale Thai called BaSil's  We will probably go there on Friday night. So we are having a mini-vacation at home.

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