Saturday, January 24, 2015

#436 MFT (my favorite things)

playing in the sketch challenge with MFT.  This was one of those cards that just didn’t want to come together.  I left it rather than trying to do more.  I don’t know if it’s my color choices or what. I think my little girl looks like a space alien with the way I did her eyes.  it’s not watercolor paper so I can’t undo them.  Smile  Oh well,  the recipient will think it’s my wild artistic side coming out and the message is sincere and I guess that’s what counts the most.  I was just telling an online friend that was bemoaning her creation for the day that a saying on my art calendar says, “create for the fun of it and just know that every creation doesn’t have to be a masterpiece”  so there you have it.  I just fit right into that saying for myself.   It looked so bare and I added the celebrate.  It looks rather diingy on here but IRL it is sprinkled with Art Impressions silver glitter and that is the ONE thing I do like about the card.  

IMG_7489 (800x620)


  1. :) Isn't it funny how our words to our friends often turn around and encourage us!!! I love the blue color and sparkly celebrate. I don't think she looks like a space alien! The dotted edge around the circle is a fun accent!

  2. Her eyes do seem a little spacey but it might be because she is moony-eyed in love with you!

  3. I totally know this feeling when you have a vision, and then it doesn't live up to your expectations. It has happened to me many times. Kudos to you for posting it. And now you can just learn from it and move on! I bet we all have cards we don't love. I know I do.

    Susan R. Opel, Creative Ambassador for My Favorite Things