Friday, January 2, 2015

First post for the New Year #427

A vintage stamp from who knows when, purchased at a rummage many many moons ago.  Still cute as the dickens.  I still have several baby cards to make from this past summer.  People shouldn’t have their wee ones in the summer when I am out fishing and enjoying the sunshine, but they do, and then I feel badly because I still haven’t made cards for them.  Ay-yi. 

Using the Blue Prints 1 from My Favorite Things I took their sketch but used my own embellies and not their dies for the ribbon and flower.  LOVE how it turned out.  I can almost forgive them for having summer babies I like it so much. –JoAnn C.  if you are reading this, I used that envelope made from home made paper that you sent that sweet card to me in for the yellow scalloped piece.  It made a wonderfully soft blanket like addition to this card.

IMG_7404 (686x800)


  1. Precious!!!!! You gave this image a sweet setting! Pretty washi!

  2. I see you've been on a baby making roll lately... um... baby CARD making I mean. So sweet! The soft yellow looks like a such blankie for a wee one.