Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get Well Wishes

okay!! I have had ENOUGH of this sickness.  Thankfully our daughter gave me some Oregano Oil and I used that with abandon.  Within 24 hours I started to feel a LOT better.  I am using it again today.  This is the best I have felt since before Thanksgiving.  I think I forgot what it feels like to feel WELL!! 

And then these well wishes in the mail box were helpful too.  It’s so wonderful to have cyber-friends.  I received the “bug” card from Michelle Pearson and then the famous Princess from AZ really knew how to make a gal want to get better.  Look at all these goodies enclosed along with a pretty card to make a gal’s day.  Thanks to all who have kept me in their thoughts and hearts with good well wishes.  Today, I am going STAMPING right in my craft room all afternoon!!  shhh don’t distrub me, I’m in the process of getting well!

IMG_7508 (747x800)IMG_7507 (772x800)


  1. LOL! I'm like, "Wait, I recognize that stuff!" I blame the weather for keeping you down. Keep getting better! And fun bug card.

  2. Stamping friends are the most generous people around!!! :) Fabulous goodies! Michelle's card is gorgeous. Fabulous goodies from our fun Princess friend. :) Hope every day finds you feeling better and better!