Friday, February 6, 2015

non traditional #451 Stampendous

To help Princess Judy bring back vellum, I chose to use a full card size sheet of printed vellum for this creation.  I have been seeing a few of these vellum pieces with the die cutting into the vellum and then letting a piece of patterned paper show throw the peek a boo holes.  Thought I would try it with this one.  It wasn’t what I had in mind when I started out as I thought I had a pink piece of vellum like this.  But in the spirit of using up what I have I went with this design.  The only thought process I had when starting this was using this heart die and using pink vellum.  Oh well, you can see where this ended up.  So I was very pleased with little Mr. Hedgie holding onto that sparkling heart bling and to bring a bit of life to the overall image I  colored all the other blings with a copic marker.  NOW, I like it.   --Mr. Hedgie had a surgery as he was holding on to a basket of flowers  with his left  hand and also had a butterfly friend he was trying to entice with that hand that now holds the pretty heart of bling.  IMG_7548 (660x800) --gamsol colored with koh-i-noor pencils


  1. Oh! This is cute! I love getting to see it larger scale! :) I think it's adorable that Hedgie is holding a gem. I do like the repeating sentiment!!!

  2. Thank you for helping me bring back vellum especially since I suck doing it myself. Fun card! Love all the elements of your card.