Sunday, February 1, 2015

Stamps 444 & 445 Gina K Designs

I took an online stenciling class a while back and kind of forgot that I have access to it anytime.  Now that I have a supply of stencils and sprays I thought I would revisit that class.  The first lesson was in using sprays. I started with a 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch panel that I will adhere to my card base.

 Lessons I learned.  I need to hold my sprayer back farther than I did.  About 18 inches would be better then the spray won’t leak under the stencil.  I also realized my stencil is Tim Holtz so it is long and narrow.  I wonder why he didn’t make them 5 1/2 inches across to cover the entire card panel.  I notice he works on tags a lot but Hello!!  Anyway, silly me, I taped my stencil and sprayed with the intent of moving the stencil over and spraying again but when I removed the stencil, uhm……oh yeah, what I didn’t have covered up will also get inked.  Thus I had a nice pink strip going down the edge of my card.   Next question is, without cutting that piece and putting it down the middle, how do I make this work?  Angela Bode has been using these great doily dies from SNSS and she inspired me to get some and they came in last week.  Raised eyebrows here…oh boy, why not try that???  YES!! it is perfect in the silver.  The rest is pretty self explanatory.  This card gave me a chance to use my “online word” dies from My Favorite Things too. 

IMG_7519 (630x800)

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  1. Angela is an evil enabler. Ever since she used some of those fancy border dies like the one you have here they have been on the TOP of my BUY NOW list. I have been thinking about sprays and stencils.... no, seriously. I actually own a stencil or two. My questions are.... did you do this in your house? How did you not spray off to the side on accident (saying you are not an idiot is an acceptable answer, I'm willing to admit I am one), how can you move the stencil and not have the over-spray dribble off the side (because aren't stencils plastic)? And my comment: love the extra pink strip along the side.