Sunday, August 23, 2015

#510 Hero Arts

I picked up this Hero Arts set at a discounted price at my fave brick and mortar stamping store.  The Stamp Shoppe in Weston, WI.  I know the large letters are so passe` now but I still like the look and I never gave in and bought them when they were all the rage.  The flower is from the same set and I was so glad to have my MISTI to re-ink and re-ink that flower.  To hurry things up a bit I just used a piece of designer paper instead of sponging my own back ground.  A piece of teal cardstock with one of my few working Martha Stewart punches was the perfect set off for this. 

IMG_7971 (901x1024)


  1. We can be our own people and not have to worry about what is in style versus what isn't. Besides, next thing you know jumbo monograms will be all the rage again! I really like this. It all works together so well. The colors and the design.

  2. Love that gorgeous DP you used! MISTI to the rescue!!!! I love that tool!! I like your large U, most of the time I suddenly decide I like something AFTER the trend is over, be it clothing, wall deco, or stamping stuff! Can a trend ever really be over with a stamper, nah!!!


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