Saturday, August 15, 2015

MFT School Soft and Hard

IMG_7959 (781x800)

For this lesson from MFT School I learned something I had never thought of.  That is to balance your creation with both hard and soft elements.  I may have been doing this without thinking of it but it was interesting to KNOW the concept and work from there.

The designer paper is both hard and soft.  It has definite lines softened with lines of flowers.  The image itself has both elements.  The little Pure Innocence girl has a very round soft head, her dress is soft, but she is holding a rectangle (hard) and the  board itself has physical properties of hard.  I softened the diagonal lines by using an oval with hard design around it (MFT dies) I added candies that are circular-a soft element- and the banner with triangular lines a hard element.  The bottom of the card is balanced with a soft ribbon cut on the diagonal-hard element.  It was so fun to THINK about these things as I was creating.  Thanks MFT.

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  1. This lesson sounds tough to me. I think I'd better stay away from it. Not that I couldn't understand, but that it would confuse me and leave me unable to stamp (like the time I took a color theory class and couldn't color for weeks afterward). You card came out great so you got all the hards and softs licked!


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