Sunday, August 7, 2016


as i post this i am reminded of a quote "an expert at anything started out as a beginner" Strawberries?????

gotta post the bad with the good or people will think they can never do this.  we all start at the beginning and it doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes throw things away because we just don’t like the way they turned out.  But i try to rescue everything and so that’s what i did to these strawberries.  The first photo i showed to my hubs and asked him if they looked like strawberries?  NOPE.   Then i tried to reshape them.  not so good but still someone will appreciate this, my mom, if no one else.  Smile  she just likes to get something in the mail that’s not an advertisement.

IMG_8554IMG_8555 (728x800)

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  1. I think they look like strawberries because of the little fleck of seeds on them. That first one makes me think of radishes more. It's that impressionist style.