Monday, August 15, 2016

it’s cool

We built a fire tonight and enjoyed the dry air it created.  My friend in NC asked if it was cool enough here for a fire….well, it’s rare if it’s not.  I understand her question though as it’s hard to picture a place being 75 and no sun when you are steaming at 109.  This was a perfect way to start this post as this is the CAMPFIRE bonus card from MFT this week. 

I thought i would make this for that NC friend and let her know i hope she doesn’t melt in the extreme heat they are having.  I really envy her though.  I would rather sit in the air conditioning becasue it’s too hot for a few days then to suffer through sub zero temps for three months and sit in the house by a furnace that you have to keep nudging up because the cold just seems to get into your bones.  YEAH, i’m so ready to move to warmer climate.

Here’s my one layer scene pieced together from two different MFT sets.  Who’s that girl snowman is the big image and the little snowballs are from PI set You’re the coolest.  I masked a pile of them and then stamped the big image over the masks.  Stay Cool, you hear? Freezing

IMG_8566 (699x800)PrintHere’s all the badges i earned this week.  It’s just like real camp.  I had so much fun. 



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