Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Create Stamp Camp Day 3

I’m no expert at shaker cards but this video using fun foam looked pretty easy.  Well…….i still think it takes practice.  It took me a LONG time to get this done.  My foam wasn’t centered, i already had adhered it.  I first adhered the wrong panel to the foam, one of those kinds of cards.  You know what I mean.  LOL!  Nyah-Nyah

It’s worth trying again though and being a bit more careful in the foam .cutting and centering. 

Anyway, Camp is about learning and that’s what i did in the process so it’s all good.

I used my MFT stitched circle dies to create the windows.  For the Porthole I used a circle die from one of the blueprints and a smaller circle die to cut the “hole” part of it.

Day 3 of Camp Was Spectacular Shakers 

IMG_9042 (757x800)


  1. Looks great! I thought this was a great camp activity.I made my shaker, but forgot the scored lines. Yours look awesome with them.

  2. What a cute idea to create a porthole to look out of it. Even cuter that it is a shaker card.


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