Monday, June 19, 2017

it’s sad

I’ve been pretty diligent about “clean” stamping.  Putting things away as I use them and yet, i still seem to lose sentinment stamps.  Another Birthday one, lost.  Who knows when and where it will show up.  And today, I was stamping with letters.  I peeled off the letter S and Gilbert walked in to give me some root beer and when I went back to my card, the S was missing.  Zilch, gone, nada.  Where is it?  I went and looked at his root beer bottle since it was a new kind and i held it to look at the label. Nope, not on the floor, not on anything anywhere that I can see.  I didn’t want to scrap the card and i filled in the S by hand.  I will give this to someone who i know won’t care about that, but WHERE is my S?

I’m entering as this is into Simon’s  Monday Challenge “Vacation”IMG_9049 (665x800)


  1. It is the evil crafting fairies fault. They are the ones who mess up your room and steal stuff when you aren't looking. Or anyway, that's what the cats tell me when I accuse them of things. Love this card. I used to be so ga-ga over these bunnies. That was a phase. I still like them mind you but I don't need to own every single stamp (or I think any of them) now.

  2. What a darling card and such a perfect's adorable! Thank you so much for sharing and for playing along with us over on the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog... x


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