Thursday, September 24, 2015

drawing free hand, ME???

One of the classes is showing us how to Free Hand paint and image! Seriously!!  I thought I might just forget about watching that video as “I” could never draw anything.

NEVER in my life did i ever think i could draw/paint something in free form that would actually look like something that is real. Thanks so much for the class on free form. I chose a guinea pig per request from a friend that wants a guinea pig card for her child and I think it actually DOES look like a guinea pig. This is my first time ever that i have tried to create an image on my own. THANK YOU THANK YOU for this aspect to this class.  Will this be something I do regularly, NO.  But it was fun to know that I can make something that really does look somewhat like something real.  Open-mouthed smile   I will enter this into Simon Says ‘Challenge to not use a any back ground paper. IMG_8032 (1024x767)


  1. Amazing guinea pig! I'm SO happy that you stepped outside of your comfort zone to try to paint certainly paid off! This is an adorably sweet card for your friend's child :)

  2. Adorable guinea pig!!! You really captured the eyes!!! Wonderful job free hand painting!

  3. hey Janeen! super cute, luvin the big ole' very fun! so glad you played along with us at Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge!

    sparkle & shine *~*

  4. It's a Penny Gig! Awww... so sweet. This is awesome and kudos to you for doing the freehand thing. I took an art class once and they had us draw the negative space. It turns out I can draw that better.