Tuesday, September 8, 2015

More Lovely Layered Cards

IMG_7994 (813x1024)IMG_7995 (639x1024)

For this tag card I made the zig zag panel with lessons learned from the Lovely Layered Cards Class from Craftsy.  I used several layers of inks with stencils and also translucent embossing paste to make the bricks.  I found this tag in my stash and decided to use my crackle paint on it.  I love how it turned out with this image. I did a close up of the tag so you can see the crackle.   The below card is one I just wasn’t so sure I liked.  I’ve never been much of a collage person and that may be why.  If you have any input on this I’m open to suggestions for next time.  It just seems to busy to me but the collage was part of the one class so I went ahead and did the home work.  It was fun.  Maybe I should have put white gesso over the collaged layers to tone them down a bit.  You can see I added crackle paint over the layers and I like the kind of antique look it hints at.

There you have it. Thanks for stopping by.



  1. These are really neat. I like that bottom card as it makes me think of a vintage torn paper art piece. I think the bird needed to be somehow more prominent.

  2. Beautiful cards!!!! Love the crackle on your vintage tag! Love the stapled banner! I REALLY like your collage card!!! So much interest there! I agree with Judy I think that it would pop a bit more if the leaves and bird were more bold and the torn background softer but I still think it's fabulous!