Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On Line with Laura Basshan

http://onlinecardclasses.com/watercolorEM/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/WC-EM_participant.pngDreaming with Peerless water color papers.  This was my very first set of water colors but I never really used them because I didn’t know how to.  Seriously, paper water colors?  Let’s see, I got talked into them because some serious artist had painted a beautiful flower and I thought if I owned the paints I could do the same thing.  bwwwhaaa!!  Since that time I have purchased, water color crayons, water color pencils, water color markers, distress inks, InkTense pencils, and copics.  Brushes galore, many different types of water color papers and I still have never made a painting as beautiful as hers.  I no longer try as I realize now that she truly was/is an artist and I am a learning novice.   And here is my card made with Laura’s class for a dreamy background and ombre.  I combined them both into one card.  This card is for our son that is going through a really difficult time right now.  I kitty wampused the top layer because I stamped the sentiment on crooked and it’s not so obvious with the top layer tipped and edges cut off.   I took Laura’s suggestion and embossed the sentiment in white.

IMG_8024 (917x1024)


  1. very nice. Great layout and use of color. Will definitely be trying this

  2. This is a gorgeous card. I don't understand the watercolor papers either. A Muse sells them too. I just hope no one ever asks this consultant about them. LOL! I've done the cockeyed image/greeting so put the whole thing at an angle too. It sure works and no one knows we didn't mean it that way. As for as the not getting the same results. I think we all have to learn the hard way that just because we have the same supplies we will not get the same results without the talent and experience!