Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sympathy cards ahead of time

is it proper to make sympathy cards ahead of time…we have three friends and relatives that are in hospice care in the waning days of their lives~~some of their relation come to me for their card purchases~ i now have to make cards when i have a day home.  Today i made ten cards, nine of them are sympathy cards.  i will be posting most of them separately in order to enter them into different challenges.  However, I will post them all together just so you can see the soothing day I had.

It was soothing to work on these and use four pieces of designer paper from Paper Studio’s Country Road collection.  the sheets are 4.5 x 6.5 inches.  I got NINE cards out of four small pieces of designer paper.  I used every single scrap.  Thanks for stopping by.


IMG_8449 (656x800) (543x716)IMG_8457 (662x800)IMG_8451 (667x800)IMG_8453 (710x800)IMG_8454 (662x800)IMG_8458 (705x800)IMG_8459 (650x800)IMG_8450 (800x643)IMG_8456 (800x599)IMG_8455 (800x632)

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