Thursday, June 23, 2016

#467 ~#468 trike

Found this cute little trike stamp at Michaels for $1.00  I’ve often wanted to attach balloons to a bike or trike or wheelbarrow or something moveable.  This balloon stamp is from that old SU set where I thought i would never have to buy another stamp, so anyway, it’s still getting used and that’s a good thing.  I cut the sentiment and the balloon strings off the image after stamping it and fussy cut the balloons.  Added my own strings for a fun touch and attached them to the handle bar.  It still looked a little “dead” and adding the rock candy glitter added some sparkle that i like and a touch of enamels.  Whee!  that is a dark purple background panel but it looks kind of brown on here.

IMG_8481 (701x800)

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  1. This is fun! Celebrate your inner child is what this card says to me.