Sunday, June 12, 2016

playing with shakers

IMG_8468 (674x800)Playing with my Fuze tool.  Yeah, I’ll use it, would I be sad if i had spent the money on it myself instead of receiving it as a gift?  Probably.  I’ll use it because I have it but it’s not my favorite toy.  Money put towards a MISTI would likely be better spent in most craft rooms. I use my MISTI over and over and over.  If you are going to make shaker cards then you have to also purchase all the little goodie things that shake and that’s more things to store and from my foraging around on different sites they also are not inexpensive.  Note to self:  always check Michaels clearance aisle for shaker materials.  A teeny little packet from some of the well known companies and they are asking $3.99 for teeny little packets.  I won $25 from Simon and I used it to purchase some of the shaker bling but i was very surprised to see the small size of the packets.  I won’t do that again.   Also note to self, if using glitter in a shaker card it would be good to “powder the acrylic” before making the card so the glitter doesn’t stick to the window.  Thanks for reading.  Always love your comments.

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  1. Yeah, the Fuze tool doesn't interest me too much but I know some who have and love it. It is all about what floats your boat (or sinks it as the case may be). Your shaker card is awesome, sunny and happy.