Thursday, April 18, 2013


Sometimes in creating nothing seems to go quite right.  With this card, it seemed I kept getting adhesive on everything, then the paper bent while distressing it, I didn’t have the right color gems for it and the finale, once I put it together I realized I had the image upside down on the folded cardstock.  I will likely send this to Sarah after a bit but right now it adorns my desk sitting right by the big shell I brought home from Cozumel one year.  When you have lemons…make lemonade, right?   So the gems; did you know you could color clear gems with copic markers.  they turned the most perfect shade of blue for me.  I added a bit of texture to the image with my scor pal that seems to enhance it.  All the edges got bent up to make it look like it was supposed to happen and I turned it into a stand up card instead of an open up card.  tee-hee  This was an image I tried coloring with the stampin up markers with a copic like look.  IMG_0585  Thanks for stopping by.



  1. I love these seascape images! Beautiful coloring!!

  2. Did you plan for the sentiment ahead of time because it's the absolute perfect sentiment for your card after all you went through! It's truly a magical card and when it popped up on my reader the coloring begged me to take a closer look before going to bed! Your card turned out Gorgeous! I never would have guessed you had issues! I have heard you can color gems. I must try it. I am always forgetting that and then my project goes gemless! (no it's not a word but I am going to use it anyway!)