Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Two more ways


How many mediums can you use to color one image.  ha ha.  Confused smile  The bottom image is done using water crayons.  The top one is done using water color pencils.  I guess I still need to try Ko-hi-noor and Crayola pencils.  As of  today, my favorite technique for water coloring is using the pencils.  There was much more control.  Not nearly the bleeding of the water coloring.  Good shading capabilities. My next test will be to try the pencils on regular paper.  What one needs to remember is when you are using water color paper, you are doing a whole different style than using smooth paper and can’t expect the results to be what smooth paper gives.  There is a place for both, depending on the look, you are going for.  Mostly I prefer using smoother paper because the water color papers seem to have a yellow tone built into them and that limits what you can do with the image when it comes to making a card with it.  It’s been a fun experiment.  I’m glad I have gotten some of my coloring mediums from rummage sales. Now the question is, do I really need to keep them all?

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  1. Hmmmmm...interesting experiment! I like that the color is a bit bolder with the crayons. You did such a great job with the hair!!! I am going to keep experimenting too! Sweet image!